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Design Trends For 2019

So 2018 has come to an end! But it’s already got us wondering about what graphic design trends for 2019 will be. Observing what’s going on out there in the world of graphic design, we can say with confidence that 2018 has been a strong year marked with lots of graphic, web and print design advancements. Based on current trends we have come up with what we believe to be the future trends in the design space. As with everything, things have moved on and into the world of animation to help enhance design.

Here’s the top 5 trends for 2019 to help you gauge what you can use to help promote your business, products and services.

#1: 3D design and typography – Three dimensional design seems to be trending right now and 3D typography especially feels just about ready to pop. The best part about 3D is the fact that there’s no particular type that works best: bold, skinny, sans-serif, script, any font can be rendered in 3D.

#2: Anti-gravity: Flying & floating elements – We may not have lived to see flying cars yet, but the era of flying elements in graphic design has definitely arrived! Flying and floating graphic elements are one of the top predictions and patterns for 2019, especially with social media.

#3 Simplicity: Navigating across the world of social media has become a tedious task, as complex graphics cause clutter and strain on your eyes.  An over complex design can also cause massive confusion so the key is to keep it simple!

#4: Cosmic effects: One of the biggest upcoming trends is cosmic effects which include the use of shades of blue, violet and black in the design to give a feel of ‘cosmos or galaxy.’ This is extremely evident in the world of sci-fi & movies which generally rolls out to the wider market.

#5: Originality:  If you thought that hand-drawn designs are becoming extinct in the digital space, then you’d be very wrong! In fact, illustrations are becoming extremely popular due to the latest innovative tools such as digital drawing tablets, stylus pens and even the apple pencil!

There’s a wealth of resources, data and examples out there which you can use to inspire you for your own use and of course, we’re always here and happy to help you with whatever project you have in mind!

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