Print Trends For 2019


The print industry defies the naysayers every year and continues to thrive with new innovations and is undoubtedly still going to influence marketing spend massively this year. Here are our print industry predictions that we think will change the game in 2019.
TREND #1: 3D PRINTING – The new year is set to see an increase in interactivity within the print industry. To facilitate this move, we expect that 3D printing will become a prominent and widely popular tool. 2018 was an excellent year for 3D printing technology and there is no slowdown in sight!
TREND #2: WATER BASED PRINTING – Beyond 3D printing, we’ll also be monitoring the development of water-based printing in 2019. It’s a field that’s attracting much interest, especially in its applications for large-format rigid media. Thanks to water-based inks, it’s now possible to print on rigid media while maintaining superb colour brightness.
TREND #3 FABRIC PRINTING – In 2019, we’ll be further evaluating fabric printing and looking closely at the evolution of it. Digital fabric printing has opened up a new world to architects and interior designers, offering unlimited possibilities for custom furnishings. It can also be used for clothing and for manufacturing creative and even personalised gifts.
TREND #4: VOICE CONTROL – In 2018 we saw the introduction of voice recognition capabilities within a small number of smart printers. In 2019 the focus will be on offering more ‘smart’ services that are required in today’s workplace. “Alexa order 100 copies of our A5 leaflets” – Yes this will become a reality in 2019!
TREND #5: NANO PRINTERS – Portable printing devices are a massive new trend and it’s only going to get bigger with new nano and printing technology. Being able to pull out a mini printer from your pocket is ideal for photographers as it means they can print there work on the go with ease.


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