Why Choose Lamination Printing

Why Choose Lamination Printing

Here at Print Mule, we know how valuable a humble products like leaflets, menus and business cards can be – and we also understand how they are the go-to marketing tools for physical businesses.

We offer lamination printing on many of our products because it’s durable, won’t crease up with water damage and is easy to keep clean – perfect for being in many customers hands or wallets!

The aesthetical character of a laminated products also connotes that your business cares about your print, marketing and inherently your customers because it adds that little more value to the print, even though it’s such a simple, and cost-effective thing!

Lamination used to be seen as purely a method to protect the printed product from damage. This still rings true, as the surface is easier to clean and won’t crease up with water contact. But nowadays, lamination has the ability to add an extra-special feel to the final print. The smooth surface will give the impression of quality, as it is durable, strong and is much more satisfying to hold than an unlaminated surface. It simply adds that finishing touch and can make a product feel complete. We offer various laminate options including gloss, matt and soft-touch or velvet effect.

We’d consider lamination to be essential for takeaway menus for example, as it will last much longer and stand the test of time than its plain paper competitors which are more likely to rip, and show wear and tear.

You can also use lamination as part of your design – there is nothing more swish looking than a matt laminated page, with glossy spot UV on it to pick out certain areas of the page/s.

Whilst the key aim of lamination is to protect a printed product, you can gain so much more from the technique – they’ll last much longer, and they’ll be more visually and tactility impressive.

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