6 Creative Uses For Large Format Print

large format print

Whether it’s a banner stand or a tradeshow exhibition backdrop, large format printing presents a very effective and creative way to advertise your business, products or services. With a variety of materials for indoor and outdoor use, coupled with low prices, our banners are sure to impress!

 Here’s our top 6 uses for large format print:

  1. Public spaces – The use of large format printing in public spaces is extremely effective as it allows you to expose your business to a large audience. Public spaces such as shopping malls are key as they have a constant footfall, the more creative you get the more people will notice it.
  1. Wall to wall colour – The flexibility of large format digital print means that almost anything is possible when it comes to bespoke wall coverings. This allows you to bring an entire empty wall to life with a custom printed wall mural, ideal for offices or indoor businesses.
  1. Roll with it – Taking wall coverings in a different direction, bespoke wallpapers are great for your home or office. Use the flexibility of digitally printed wallpaper to create unique rooms and spaces!
  1. Interior design that gets attention – Why not print on to your furniture? Stand out from the crowd and make your furniture quirky with bespoke print.
  1. Eye catching vehicle graphics – Stunning vehicle graphics can be the most effective local advertising you can do. By putting adverts on your van or company car it ensures that people will constantly see it as you drive around. Even if you leave your vehicle parked on the road it will still be advertising your business 24/7!

There are a raft of different banners and large format products available at Printmule and we’re happy to help advise you on the best use for each each type. We offer the widest range of print marketing, from the smallest business cards to flyers, flags and banners that you can use to cover a bus!

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